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Years ago, our founder and CEO, Jim Goldberg, sought to make a snack that everyone could enjoy. Inspired by his three sons, one of whom is extremely sensitive to food dyes, Jim sought to create a snack that had all of the taste of the chips his son’s friends were eating, but without the unnecessary additives.

And so the idea for HONCHOS organic tortilla chips was born.

Aside from creating the recipe, which took more than 5 years to perfect, the biggest challenge for HONCHOS has been to get the word out about this amazing organic ‘ito! Deep River Snacks is a small, independent company, so we don’t have all the resources of our competitors. We rely on our fans to help us spread the word through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On our social media accounts and website, you’ll often see the tagline “Join the Real Ingredient Revolution.” We believe strongly that things like artificial dyes, GMOs, MSG and other iffy ingredients have no place in the foods we feed our children and ourselves. By leading this revolution, HONCHOS is telling “big food” that we are demanding something better.

We also use our bags, millions every year, as a way to raise awareness for the organizations that have touched the lives of our families, friends and co-workers. On the back of each bag of HONCHOS, you’ll find a featured charitable organization we support. Besides donating hundreds of thousands of bags to charitable events each year, we donate at least 10 percent of profits to charity annually.

Of course, we couldn’t support these important causes if we didn’t make incredible products. Our delicious snacks are evidence that you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for better-for-you ingredients. You can have both! Deep River Snacks started with just one snack – Roasted Pecan Caramel Popcorn – and we now produce almost 20 different varieties of kettle-cooked potato chips, classic potato chips, popcorn, baked crisps, and organic tortilla chips. Whether you stick to the basics or you crave bold, exciting flavors, you’re sure to find a Deep River Snacks product (or several) that you love!