How does your giving program work?

Deep River Snacks fundamentally believes in giving back to the organizations that have personally affected Deep River Snacks’ employees. “We Give a Chip” is integral to the Deep River Snacks brand and we are proud to make donations to a number of charities every year.

How do you choose which charities to support with 10% of your net profits?

Deep River Snacks donates to organizations that have personally affected the lives of Deep River Snacks employees. Each year, we commit to making a donation to each of the charities featured on Deep River Snacks’ bags. We also give money to other charities that are not featured on our bags, if they support causes important to our employees.

How do you decide how much of the 10% of net profits to donate to each charity?

Deep River Snacks strives to maximize the impact of its charitable donations. To that end, Deep River Snacks annually determines how to apportion its charitable giving among the various charities it supports. This decision is based on which charities address causes that have impacted Deep River Snacks’ employees the most, with an incremental preference given to charities working to find a cure for diseases like cancer and other disorders affecting the Deep River Snacks family.

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