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Caroline’s Miracle Foundation

Why Do We Give A Chip?

When Jim Goldberg, the founder of Deep River Snacks, heard about Caroline, he knew he needed to do something.  He and his wife arranged a big potato sack race event.  Attendees donated money to buy a sack, decorated them, and entered design contests and races.  Caroline was supposed to visit for a few minutes to say “thank you” to everyone who organized and attended the event.  She had so much fun that she stayed for hours, and had to be forced to leave because of exhaustion.  She laughed, played, and smiled all day.  It was the last time she was physically able to smile, and she lost her battle with DIPG just a few days later.  Caroline’s mother believes that the event was the equivalent of Caroline’s wedding.  It was her big, all-about-me celebration, and deservedly so.  We have a special connection with Caroline’s Miracle Foundation to this day, and together with them, we strive to improve the lives of children suffering from DIPG.

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