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It’s a bit overdue, but we hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait: welcome to the new virtual home of Deep River Snacks! Take a look around and learn more about our products, our story, how we give back, and our mission to do right in everything we do.

And definitely don’t miss our favorite feature of the site – our Snack on This page! This is where we showcase YOU, our fans, in all of your snack-loving glory. To be featured on the page, simply use #deepriversnacks on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post. Give us a few days to review and post it, and voila — you’re famous! And, who knows? Maybe you’ll win something, too!

Another change we’ve made is to migrate our online sales to instead of hosting it on our own site. This change will reduce (or eliminate) shipping costs and get those delicious snacks to your door much faster. On Amazon, you’ll now find all of our snacks in various sizes available for purchase by the case. (We can tell you from experience that having a whole box of delicious goodies at home is an investment well made.)

So, what do you think? Did you learn anything new about Deep River Snacks? Anything you hoped to see but didn’t? Tag us with your feedback on social media.

P.S. – We’d also like to thank the incredible team of talented folks that made this possible: the amazing web design team at Rebel Interactive, photographer extraordinaire Paul Johnson (warning: don’t look at his website on an empty stomach!), and the creative duo of Patrick & Colleen Jeffers.

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