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Welcome to the next installment in our “Who Gives a Chip?” series, which celebrates the everyday heroes in our community.  Their passion, and commitment to ‘giving a chip,’ inspires us, and we hope it will do the same for you.

Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz, Inc. is an organization out of Massachusetts that assembles “kare kits” for local children to ensure they have enough to eat over the weekend.  It was started in 2012 by Kylee, who was just ten years old at the time!  We spoke to Kylee about the organization and what motivates her to do good in her community.  Read what she had to say!:

1. What inspired you to start Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz?

When I was ten years old and in the fourth grade, I noticed kids eating breakfast at school before school started and I wondered why. I found out that many of them didn’t have enough to eat at home and depended on the food they received at school each day. This worried me, and I wondered what they did on the weekend when they weren’t in school. I wanted to help, so I came up with the idea of providing a kare kit of food for them to take home for the weekend, when they were not getting breakfast and lunch at school. No child should go to bed hungry, and I will continue my mission until no child goes to bed hungry!

2. It must be a lot of work to put together all of those kare kits!  What do you have to do every day or every week to make sure that the kare kits are ready to go for the students who need them?

Each week we have to shop for the food.  On Thursday nights, we set up the food to pack, and then on Friday nights, we pack the kare kits that will be delivered the following week. My grandmother and three of her friends deliver the 306 kare kits to 9 different schools on Friday mornings every week during the school year, so the kids can take them home at the end of the day. During the summer and school vacation weeks, we have locations where the families can come to pick up their kare kits, or we deliver them to where they live if they don’t have transportation. We also have to constantly do fundraising in order to be able to purchase the food to provide the kare kits to all the kids, as it is very expensive.

3. What is the hardest part of what you do?

The hardest part of what we do is raising the money needed each week to purchase the food. We have been very lucky to always be able to raise the money, but we worry that sometime we may not have enough. We have had a lot of support from many different people and wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all the support!

4. What makes it all worth it to you?

Seeing the kids’ faces and how happy they are when they get their kare kits makes all the hard work worthwhile!

5. What would you tell someone who is looking to make a difference in their community?

My advice for a person wanting to make a difference in their community is that everyone can make a difference. If at ten years old I could make a difference in the world, anyone can! If you have an idea, just go with it, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it!

To learn more about Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz and to find out how you can help, please visit their   website.

Check out some photos of Kylee and her team putting together the kare kits!:

Deep River Chip Donation with team Deep River Chip Donation with Kylee 2

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