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An recent study shows that volunteering can help employees develop professional skills, strengthen relationships, and learn better time management. A staggering 92% of employees believe they have developed their people skills and teamwork in the workplace because of volunteering. And giving back to the community doesn’t just benefit the employees – employers also have something to gain! 71% of employees who volunteer through their workplace report feeling better about their employer.

It goes without saying that setting up volunteer opportunities with your employees/coworkers can enhance your overall work morale, but how do you get started? Some workplaces may already offer ways to give back. Check with your Human Resources department about allowing you to volunteer on paid time, providing training, or allowing you to collect donations for a cause at work.

If your workplace does not have volunteer opportunities already built into the company structure, there are many easy ways to get started! First, think of an idea you think will interest your coworkers/employees. If the weather is nice, see about organizing a local park or beach cleanup event near your office. This can take as little as a couple of hours and will allow you to come together and bond with your work peers outside of the office walls. You can also contact your local soup kitchen about sending smaller groups of around 10-15 employees to help during meal times.

Off-site volunteer opportunities may seem like the most appealing but don’t always fit into everyone’s busy work schedules. Here are some great ideas of how to get your office involved in volunteering right from your office!

Hold a food/toy drive. Depending on seasonality of this event, many food banks and other organizations are in need of packaged goods such as food, toiletries, toys, and more. Pick a local organization and split your office up into teams to see who can donate the most goods at the end of a predetermined period of time. You’ll end up donating a large amount of necessities to those in need while growing closer with your coworkers!

Host an in-office blood drive. The Red Cross offers the option to host a blood drive of your own! Simply fill out this form to register your office as a host location and work with a Red Cross representative on the next-steps.

Be a first responder to international disasters. The International Medical Corps is an organization that companies can work with to organize hygiene kit assembly events. These events utilize the work of your employees to help package necessities, including toothbrushes, soap, and other toiletries. These kitting events can be done right from your office, and can take as little as a lunchbreak to participate in. Contact the International Medical Corps to see about scheduling an office kitting event!

Pack healthy meals for nonprofits. The Pack Shack works to provide meals free of charge to local organizations like food banks and food pantries to distribute to people and/or other organizations in their area. The Pack Shack makes is extremely easy to “host a party” to pack these meals! Simply fill out their online form and work with a representative to set up an event at your office.

Adopt a family for the holidays. Your office can adopt a family to buy gifts/necessities for during the holiday season. By getting involved, your place of work will be assigned a family in need that resides locally. You will also be provided with a “wish list” of presents ranging from toys to toiletries, and your employees/coworkers can purchase and wrap these items for the family. Getting a program like this set up is very easy! You can work with organizations like the Salvation Army and their Host an Angel program, or by contacting your local Boys & Girls Club. Employees can purchase these gifts on their own time and provide them to collection areas within your office.

No matter what you decide to do, getting your office involved in volunteering is a step in the right direction! Don’t forget to check with your Human Resources team or main office staff for assistance. They might be able to help you with office-wide communications, reminders, scheduling, incentives, transportation (if needed), and more! To find more unique volunteering ideas near you, visit or



We Give a Chip™: Deep River Snacks is proud to donate a minimum of 10% of net profits to charities each year and is a strong advocate for volunteering! To learn more about how we give back as a company, visit and follow us on social media @DeepRiverSnacks.